SJP is moving her shoe store closer to Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Literally Moving Closer To Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw can now shop with SJP.
Carrie sitting on her apartment steps

In what can only be summed up in literary terms as duh, SJP is closing/moving her eponymously named shoe boutique, located at 31 W 54th St in NYC, to the West Village, on the corner of Bleecker & Perry Streets. AKA, the fictional address and apartment where Carrie Bradshaw resides and can’t seem to quit. In case you’ve forgotten, Carrie sold the apartment to only move back when Mr. Big stood her up at the alter. After she and Big eventually married, she held on to the apartment as a retreat. [SPOILER ALERT] When Big died in last seasons And Just Like That (AJLT), Carrie purchased a beautiful (expensive), downtown skyline view apartment that she hated. She sold it and moved back again to her beloved apartment-that I’ll dare to say, is her one true love.

Carrie Bradshaw's neighborhood is getting a new SJP shoe boutique.

Nevertheless, what a smart idea for Sarah to move her real-life shoe store, that I’m betting, the irreal life Carrie, will be seen shoe shopping in on the 2nd season of AJLT…I mean, duhhh!

SJP boutique
SJP Manhattan Boutique

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