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Stiletto Stuff Box

Ms. Heel Stiletto Stuff Subscription Box


Face it Ms. Heel, you will never be able to keep up with all the latest trends-that’s where we come in. Allow our talented fashion & beauty editors to be your stylist & into your closet to help you accessorize and put that perfect look together. We’ve picked the best stuff any shoe lover would love. For the record, we love glam around here. Not You? Then this may not be the stuff you’re looking for. But we think a little glam never hurt anybody!

To coincide with each bi-monthly Ms. Heel magazine, our editors will stuff your mailbox with some really cute “stuff” that includes: hats, earrings, handbags, jewelry, beauty items, belts, tees, home items, etc.-every month we’ll surprise you!๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ

  • Shipping is included! (free shipping to the mainland. Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and International destinations will be billed separately)
  • Inside each box, we’ll include a full-color postcard with pics to show you how to wear the stuff we selected
  • Special access to style videos
  • Membership to our private Insta account
  • Special promos & coupons from our advertising partners

Ms. Heel Stiletto Stuff Subscription Box

Hey Queen, Got A Lil Princess In Your Life…And In Your Shoes?

Lil Ms. Heel Girly Stuff Subscription Box

Get Lil Ms. Heel her own box-full of girly, glam stuff!

For Only $40 Or $240 per year!

Lil Ms. Heel Girly Stuff Subscription Box

Sign Up Early & Take 10% OFF Any Subscription- use code: earlybird

Subscription Prices:

Yearly Stiletto Stuff $400

Our Best Stuff! Take $50 off our subscription box when you pay in full. 6 boxes full of some really cute stuff is on its way! This box plan is valued at over $1500!

Yearly Lil Ms. Heel Stuff $200

Our Best Girly Stuff-6 boxes per year! Take $40 off our Lil Ms. Heel subscription box when you pay in full. Mom, think of it as spending $16 & some change every month! For ages 5 -12 Valued at over $1200!

Yearly Double Stuff $600

Twinsies! How fun will it be to watch her unbox her girly glam? Or to do it together? A must for mommy & me time! Box plan valued at almost $3000! Plus, includes a FREE subscription to our magazine. *Boxes will not always have same items*


Bi-Monthly Stiletto Stuff $75

No need to explain to us, we get it-ya got a lot on your plate, i.e., other bills! And you wanna take it slow…pay as you go. We’ll bill you every other month.

Bi-Monthly Girly Stuff $40

Pay to play, takes on a whole new meaning…but so much more fun! This box best for ages 5-12. Billed 6 times a year.


Mag & Stiletto Stuff $430

This plan allows you to get your 6 stiletto stuff boxes + a year’s subscription (6 issues) to our magazine delivered to your shoe closet. Get the mag for half off newsstand price. Yearly fee paid in advance.

Mag & Girly Stuff $230

You get the only magazine for shoe lovers-Ms. Heel (6 issues at 50% off cover price), and your baby girl gets her boxes of girly stuff delivered to your home every two months. This plan is a one-time charge. Girly Stuff Box best for ages 5-12.


Some Stuff-$85

Looking for a great gift for a friend or simply wanna treat yourself to some new stuff? Then buy this one-time box. No commitments, just a wham-glam-thank you-ma’am…filled with that same glam stuff as other boxes. Whatcha waiting on Ms. Heel? Hit the button now! Valued at over $250.

Some Girly Stuff-$50

Great gift for birthdays, Christmas or just because you’re that rich aunty or glammy who always comes bearing gifts. A $200 value.

For ages 5-12.

Let Me Testify:

“My first fight with my niece was over MY heels. She had not yet turned two years old and she won! Since she picked up a pair of children’s scissors, she’s been cutting up her mom’s old clothes to make new fashion designs for her dolls. My search is over for the perfect monthly gift for that natural born fashionista!”

โ€” Mama Doll, Founder of The Black Doll Affair

“My daughter said to me standing in my shoe closet, ‘Mom, we’re gonna need more accessories!’ I laughed; and when I saw the Lil Ms. Heel sub box-I immediately signed us both up! It’s awesome to see her delight with each box delivery.

โ€” Kristy G., Palm Beach, FL.

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