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MsHeel of the Month

Ms. Heel of the Month

What’s your “comfy zone” heel?

Yolanda: “4 inches; perfect for dancing to reggae music.”

Fav Heel Quote?

Yolanda: “Red heels and sexy lips will

get you laid.”

Last Shoefie?

Yolanda: “Yesterday actually. Bold, beautiful, and fierce

Is what I remember about my silver ankle strap heels.”

Favorite heel you’ve purchased from us?

Yolanda:The nude thigh high boots-they are to die for.

I wore them to my birthday dinner. I felt super sexy

strutting these. Heads turned all night and I received

so many compliments! Looking forward to see what

happens next time I wear them.”

How many heels do u pack for vacation?

Yolanda: 4 minimum. I like to switch

it up between my dinner and party


3 Must-Have Books on your bookshelf?


  1. How to win Friends & Influence People

  2. OH The Places You’ll Go

  3. The Secret

Which SATC character best describes you?

Jen: “This is hard. I think I’ve been all of them. I’m romantic like Charlotte. I daydream like Carrie. I reason like Miranda. And I, um…probably just like Samantha now.”

Typical 1st date outfit?

Jen: “A cocktail dress, a bold piece of jewelry, nude lips and I always play up my big Disney Princess eyes ; and of course-stilettos! You’ll rarely see me in jeans or with a man that thinks I should wear them instead of a dress.”

4 famous women in your girl gang?

Jen: “Rihanna, Kim K., Mindy Kaling and Scarlett Johansson.”

4 people dead or alive to be your dinner


Jen: “Mae West, Coco Chanel, Oprah &

Marilyn Monroe!”

Beyonce has one; where & what is your “Freakum Dress”?

Jen: ” I totally pull out this royal blue BCBG Max Azria

dress that shows off all my assets, when I need a healthy dose of girl power! “

Favorite Cocktail?

Jen: “I’m a neat bourban or champagne girl.”

Your fantasy “Sole Mate”?

Jen: “Christian Louboutin! He does custom made-to-measure at his Paris Atelier-naturally it includes fittings in Paris and embellishments. A super VIP experience…swoons!”

Last random act of kindness?

Jen: “I bring small gifts to flight attendants & service staff whenever I travel…candies, lipstick, eyeshadows, just little things to let them know they’re appreciated.”

What’s your fairtytale career?

Jen: “I actually already found it. I have the supreme joy of sharing the most amazing business with the next generation of women-through the company I

work for. I earn what I want, have the best location, flexibility and the opportunity to empower thousands of women worldwide. In the coming years, I’ll definitely incorporate writing a few books and public speaking tours…it’s still funny to me that this is what I do; not everyone understands

it, but my destiny had a pink bow on top!” (Jen works for Mary Kay Cosmetics)

*o heel no question*:

Would you rather be married to the man of your dreams (mind-blowing sex and all) yet a lifetime of poverty and struggle? You shop at Goodwill for all your clothing and shoes.


Married to a man whom you don’t love and he flaunts his mistress. But he’s very powerful and rich. He affords you a lifestyle of wealth beyond your imagination. Couture designers beg to dress you.


I have questions: if I can work and make my own money in option A, that’s perfect… but if I can’t I’m going with option B, so long as I also get to have a boyfriend since he has a mistress.

Can I just have my business and be with guy from option A on the side the convenience marriage to option B?! Haha… if these were legit the only two options I would probably just stay single (it’s prob why I’m not married yet, actually…. Le sigh, living and loving in Atl…)

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