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Category: High Life

The lifestyle of a Ms. Heel

Ms Heel Magazine interviews Don Juan from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

How To Break Into Reality TV with RHOA Star: Don Juan

Find out about dotting them “I’s” and crossing those “T’s” in reality T.V.

marilyn monroe drinking and in heels

Let Freedom Ring!

“Ring” the alarm…it’s happy hour somewhere! Checkout our cocktail ring guide.

The Best Family Drama Books EVER!

Lets face it, all books revolve around family. Either as the main character or in a supporting role. And not all families are biological. You can have a work family, a sorority fam,or even your neighborhood bar rats can be family.

Pandemically yours,

This stay in the house order has now dotted that “i” in single and made us unmarried women come to the unsettling reality–that we’re so freakin’ alone.