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Lunch At Prada? Yep, It’s A Thing!☕🍳🥓🥐🥘🍷🍸🧁🍨

Inside the Prada Caffe at Harrods.

Already had Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Well, now you can have breakfast AND lunch at Prada’s new café, located inside Harrod’s department store in London. The Prada Caffe is a pop-up and will be serving fashionable food until January 2024.

What To Expect:

Prada Cafe

Prada’s signature minty green color, AKA-the color of money; black & white floors, velvet chairs, chandeliers and crystal glasses adorned with the Prada logo.

What To Eat:

The Caffe will serve Italian coffee of course for breakfast. Alongside, faggotini, an Italian dough specialty that’ll be filled with delectable chocolate, jam & cream. Plus, granola, eggs and even caviar for breakfast. For lunch, pizza, pasta and pastries like tiramisu. Lastly, an extensive wine list and signature cocktails with names that has my mouth watering, such as: Bitter in Love, Tuscan Blossom and Italian Fizz. An ice-cream shop will adjoin the cafe later this summer. Ready to indulge all your Prada senses? Make reservations here.

More Photos:

Prada cafe in Harrods
Prada cafe in Harrods
Prada cafe in Harrods


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