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Rembrandt’s New Selfie Featuring JW Anderson

rembrandts selfie by Jw anderson

File this under, we did NOT see this coming; Irish-born designer, JW Anderson, known for his weird designs (that’s not just us saying this), has created a collection featuring what he calls the world’s first selfie, using Rembrandt’s, Self-portrait with Haggard Eyes, in conjunction with his own selfie. The results? An entire collection that has been transferred onto shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, trousers and bags, which was designed for men, but we think Ms. Heels can rock them as well. Cheers, to being weird!🖼

SHOP SOME OF THE DESIGNS BELOW (click any pic to shop):

Rembrandt Print Underpinning Mesh Shirt, $190.00

Rembrandt x JW Anderson T-shirt

Rembrandt Mohair Pink Crewneck, $990

Rembrandt JW Anderson pink mohair sweater

Rembrandt Slip On, $495

Rembrandt JW Anderson slip on.