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Designer vs Deal: Bottega Veneta Punta Pump

Designer dupe

Sometimes ya feel like a 4 inch heel, sometimes ya don’t. And when that happens, you just want to wear a wedge that makes for the perfect (and comfier) compromise. Thus, we have Bottega doing just that…at a price, of course. Their ‘Punta’ pump comes in at $1100. So when we stumbled across this AMAZING designer dupe, ‘Eaava’ pump by Nine West, well…you get to decide how you and your wallet really feels😉.

REal vs Steal: featuring Bottega Veneta punta pump vs Nine West Eaava pump.

Shop the designer dupe, ‘Eaava’ pump, by Nine West for only $99 (click pic to shop):

Designer dupe of Bottega Veneta punta pump by Nine West.

also available in white & nude

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