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10th Day of Valentine’s Day: Sex101- A Refresher Course

Ok, so I did a thang…I wrote a book about a year ago. Titled, F_ _ _ Him! when, where, how. We’re all adults here; no need to clutch your proverbial faux pearls. Because I promise you, it’s not as crude as you think. Let me give you some context & background: I’m that one friend that is always being called upon by my girlfriends to give them dating and love advice. So much so, that I decided to write a book-just so I could sleep at night. I can’t begin to count the number of 2 am, after-the-bootie-call, phone calls I’ve taken…don’t ask. In the book, I address and advise you on how to keep your husband and not make him a ‘wasbend,’ (as in, he was your husband). But as I say on page 4 of F_ _ _ Him!, if you implement these tips while dating, you just might snag his ass! Furthermore, I’m willing to bet, your Mama NEVER sat you down and told you how to “do it.” She probably didn’t share that sex encompasses a lot more than the act of intercourse and begins way before you’re in a compromising horizontal position. 🤯…yeah, I know; we’re all out here literally, learning on the job. No wonder my GFs needed my assistance!

F_ _ _ Him! by Velicia Hill

Sneak Peek (tip) Inside The Book: What’s my number1 tip and sign of a good or bad marriage? KISSING! 💋

“Kisses kept are wasted;
Love is to be tasted.

— Edmund Vance Cooke

If you’re not kissing your mate like Daphne kisses Simon from the 1st season of Bridgerton, then it’s time to ask yourself, why the hell not?! Kissing is such a telltale sign of a good relationship. Do you enjoy kissing your hubby or wife? I won’t even bother to ask if you’re having sex like these two aforementioned crazy kids. Speaking of sex, one of my favorite quotes that I have in the book is by comedian Billy Crystal:

“Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.”

And just like that…’ish’ just got real! This disconnect is why so many couples falter.

Since I’ve done the leg work, please allow me to share tips on how to keep your relationship exciting & sexy-just in time for Valentine’s Day. I think you’ll be quite surprised.

Thank you in advance.

F_ _ _ Him! is available at or

F_ _ _ Him! by Velicia Hill

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