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8th Day of Valentine’s Day: Scratch & Sniff Somebody

Can you smell it? Ahh…the sweet, heady scents of love. Literally, love is in the air-as in all those cologne bottles being randomly sprayed in department stores for a Valentine’s Day gift! Eager lovers are in search of a perfectly promising love potion in a perfume bottle. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that a woman could make a man fall in love with her, simply by her scent. There is some truth to this belief. Studies have shown, that pheromones are what attracts us to each other. Pheromones are those undetectable scents that our bodies give off that our nose does not smell, but our brain can discern. Based on this science, the company Pherazone, has created what is advertised to be an “attention attracting” perfume, that is said to help you scratch that itch for a great love…“meet that special someone .“ By using the pheromone technology, you can possibly find your mate, but it comes at a hefty price. Half an ounce will set you back $225.95.


But can you ever put a price on love? I think not!

Check out all the Valentine’s Day scents we found. Click on any pic to shop:

If you’re looking for a sweeter, simpler, less expensive way to express your Valentine’s notes (perfume notes), The Heart Company has released their favorite Valentine scent, “Valentine’s Love.” This limited-edition fragrance comes in a cute heart-shaped bottle, and smells of sweet cherries and jasmine. A very feminine and delicate perfume. This 100% vegan perfume promises to delight the senses and captivate that little Cupid’s arrow shot of love.

The Heart company Valentine's Love

Not only are you a good girl, but you’re a VERY Good Girl, by Carolina Herrera. Keynotes: Redcurrant, Lychee; Middle: Rose; Base: Vetiver, Vanilla. 2pc set, $150:

Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera gift set.

You want what you want. I Want Choo by Jimmy Choo. Keynotes: vanilla, sensual jasmine sambac, mandarin juice and peach. 4pc. set, $139

I want choo perfume 4pc gift set.

Limited-edition Red Roses by Jo Malone. Keynotes: lemon, red roses and honeycomb. $110

Red roses perfume by Jo Malone

Do it your way by wearing My Way, by Giorgio Armani. Keynotes: Bergamont, orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine, vanilla and white musk. $34

My Way by Giorgio Armani

Whatever scent you choose this Valentine’s Day, nothing smells as good as the confidence you wear everyday, when you love you❣

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