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5th Day Of Valentine’s Day: 5 Things To Wear For 5 Minutes

Beyoncé sang it best, “…Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up, we ain’t even gonna it make it to this club…” Not sure how long it usually takes you to get dressed, but with these five sexy Valentine’s day ‘fits’ we found, ya might not make it to dinner and/or dessert will be rushed! I’m sure you’re probably thinking I’ve picked out a bunch of sexy lingerie-NOPE! That’s so typical. I believe that sexy is a vibe, not a particular article of clothing. Besides, it’s never what you wear…it’s how you take it off.😘

Moreover, Valentine’s Day is just that-a day. That’s why I searched for cute stuff that is so affordable. See all that I found.

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Nothing is sexier than a cute over-sized tee. Pizza Is My Valentine plus-size tee: $8.80 Pizza Is My Valentine tee

Sometimes all you need is a glam robe and nothing else! Premium Sequin Robe: $32 sequin robe

Tall girls need love, men over 6’2″, & stuff that fits too. Tall Satin Love PJ Set: $22 tall valentine's day satin pj set

Be their emotional support wild animal. Emotional Support Satin Pajamas Set: $25 emotional support pajama set.

It looks like lingerie, but it’s a sexy-ass bodysuit that can be worn with jeans or a tight pencil skirt! Valentine’s Harness Strapping Mesh Bodysuit: $18 harness mesh bodysuit

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