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Goodbye To The High-Heeled Class Pres Of 1987-2022

Nancy Pelosi in heels

It is with a sense of loss, that we say goodbye to Speaker Nancy Pelosi-she of the stiletto heels, designer outfits and classy behavior. But hey, now we can watch a clown (I say with so much respect?) put on his dancing shoes, as he dances as hard as he can to please a very small contingent of the party that rules the House of Representatives. Stay tuned, for as my granddaughter once memorably said, “Hang on Cozy (her favorite stuffed animal), things are gonna get crazy here.”

As seen on Twitter:

Nacy Pelosi last day in

2 responses to “Goodbye To The High-Heeled Class Pres Of 1987-2022”

  1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

    Classy lady, indeed…👠💖

  2. Sandra Avatar

    Those shoes are hard to fill. The circus and clowns are in town and they have sure been dancing around. You captured the Capital “happenings” so perfectly with humor and truth. We need lots of both.

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