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California (Fur) Dreamin’, No More!

California bans fur

Just in time for the Golden Globes ceremony tonight, what you won’t see is any newly purchased real fur (I’ll clarify below). BUT, If you’ve ever dreamed of wearing diamonds and furs as you walk down a Hollywood red carpet, well, just make sure that it’s faux fur. The California law, Assembly Bill 44, that was passed in 2019 is now in effect. Can’t you just hear the poppin’ of bottles over at PETA?πŸ₯‚πŸš«πŸ―

To date, major retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Canada Goose is no longer selling real fur products. Neiman Marcus plans to copy this policy in March. Additionally, 12 cities across the U.S have implemented these no fur laws and Israel has banned fur for the entire country.

To clarify the California law, it doesn’t stop resale or vintage stores from selling it. Nor does it prevent you from wearing it while in California.

As we all know, fur is such a staple in the winter months; check out some of these faux fur items we found that’ll do just fine:

Dearfoams Lane Slide for those cold, winter nights, $38

Dearfoams nice & toasty  slides

Kurt Geiger Mini London Mini Faux Fur Bag, $129.50

Kurt Geiger London pink  mini faux fur bag

Azalea Wang Ruela Varsity Faux Fur Jacket, $139.90

Azalea Wang Ruela faux fur varsity jacket

Jimmy Choo Krista Crystal Mary Jane, $390

Jimmy Choo Krista Mary Jane

Are You One Of Those Still Hitting The Gym In The Wintertime?😜 Check Out Nike Logo Faux Fur Jacket, $185

Nike purple faux fur jacket

Steve Madden’s Trixie-F Faux Fur Clog, $129.95

Also available in pink

p.s. look for our email tomorrow on the best styles from the Golden Globes. Plus, how to get some of those fab heels & handbags for less.

3 responses to “California (Fur) Dreamin’, No More!”

  1.  Avatar

    Hoping the secondary market wastes no time knocking off that Jimmy Choo faux fur letterman!!! Waiting with bated breath

  2.  Avatar

    Hoping the secondary market wastes no time knocking off that Wang faux fur letterman and Choo shoe! Waiting with bated breath!

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Both gorgeous!!! We’ll update post with any sales alertsπŸ‘€πŸ€žπŸ½

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