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How MLK, Jr. Paid For A Pretty Woman Before Richard Gere

How MLK paid for Julia Roberts hospital bill as a baby

As a pretty black woman who shares Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, I was just as shocked as you (I’m guessing), to read this headline as well. Because of the birthday connection, I’ve always revered the reverend. So imagine my pearl clutching when I discovered that 55 years ago, Martin & Coretta Scott King were friends of Julia Roberts’ parents here in Atlanta; and when they fell on hard times, it was he Kings who paid for our future “Pretty Woman,” Julia, to come home from the hospital…WOW!!!

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Yep, this was revealed when Julia was being interviewed about her movie, Ticket To Paradise, by another King-Gayle that it is…as in Oprah’s long time bestie. How did such a thing come to be? Well, Julia’s parents owned a small theater for children and one day Mrs. King called to inquire about her children attending. Julia’s mother said yes and the couple quickly become friends. Keep in mind the era in which this occurred-segregation. Black & white kids did NOT play together! So I’ll spare you the details about a certain ‘K’ (cubed) group being very upset over this and the subsequent actions they took. No, this is a happy story that is chock full of coincidences for me. Let’s focus on that shall we:

  1. My Political editor not being able to write this story-so it fell on me and how my life intersects with both MLK and Julia Roberts
  2. Gayle King having the same last name as the Kings and conducting the interview with Julia
  3. I share a birthday with MLK Jr.
  4. Fun Fact: my son graduated from the same high school, Campbell High, as Julia Roberts.

Ya never know, Ms. Heel, how one small act of kindness can change or effect a life…or even an entire country.

MLK I have a dream quote

What say you, random act of ‘violent’ kindness today anyone?

Julia Roberts revealed that MLK paid for her hospital bill at birth

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