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Adidas x Yeezy No More?

It’s safe to say, Kanye is going through some stuff these days. I will not bore you with the anti-Semitic rants, accusing his soon-to-be former mother-in-law of having had sexual relations with Drake, nor the stupid-ass tee shirt he debuted at Paris Fashion week…no, no, I won’t do that to you. But since this is a mag about shoes, I am prepared to discuss his very popular shoe collabs with Balenciaga (that just cut ties with him) and his current one with Adidas. Or maybe I should say, lack thereof?


According to CNBC, Kanye is accusing Adidas of copying his designs. Um, wait-what?! Since they’re proverbially in bed together, isn’t that like accusing your lover of copying your “moves?” Adidas immediately put their relationship under review. In terms of dating that’s the equivalent of, “I think we need to see other people.

Like I said earlier, Kanye is going through some stuff these days.

2 responses to “Adidas x Yeezy No More?”

  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    Juicy and clever!

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      I try😋

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