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Designer vs Deal: Givenchy Shark Lock Boots

save on Givenchy Shark Lock boots

We all love the show Shark Tank, right? Just Me? For those that have never watched it, here’s the premise: a group of investors hear pitches from new start-ups and decide whether or not to invest their money and/or biz acumen into their cash-starved ventures. Apply that same formula to these stunning summer boots from Givenchy. You need to decide if investing over $2000 is worth it for these Shark Lock boots or as they say on Shark Tank, “…for this reason, I’m out.” You then proceed to invest your precious dollars on the deal by Azalea Wang for only $109.90. What say you, Ms. Heel…in or out?

Also available in black:

Givenchy Shark Lock Boot: $2395

Melina Pointy by Azalea Wang in black and white:

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