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Return To Sender-Not!

The retail industry is experiencing a lot of turbulence these days. One such cause of this turbulence that is bringing down profits (besides record fuel prices and inflation)-your returns! That’s right, the stuff you buy and then for whatever reason decide not to keep, is keeping a lot of CEOs up at night. Well, guess what the solution stores such as: Target, Lowes, Walmart and Gap are considering? For the sake of time, I’ll tell you-a policy of HERE’S YOUR MONEY BACK, JUST KEEP IT. That’s right-they don’t want it back. It costs too much money to store and/or try to resell it at a loss. If this policy is implemented, you can simply give it away or resell it on Ebay or Poshmark. Ms. Heel, you would never dream taking advantage of this “Keep It” policy now would you?

Stores are considering enacting a "Keep It" policy.

2 responses to “Return To Sender-Not!”

  1. mamadollhill Avatar

    WOW! They did this during the pademic.

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Yep, Amazon started it. Now these other companies are considering finishing it….stay tuned

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