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Remember This Date: June 24, 2022, When Women’s Right to Choose Was Decimated

Today the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to abortion and therefore women’s right to choose whether to continue a pregnancy or to have purchase over their own bodies and reproductive decisions.

With the question of abortion legality left to the states, it is clearly evident which largely conservative states will immediately outlaw abortions, regardless of a woman’s unwanted pregnancy-that will include rape and incest. It absolutely should be each woman’s right to make abortion choice a very personal and private decision – a decision that should be made between a woman and her healthcare provider, not right-leaning conservative ( and mostly white) males. The OWGs (old white guys) must be so gleeful; they have yet another way to impose their will on women.

Not only has the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs Wade today, but on Thursday, this conservative body struck down a type of gun carry restriction proposed as law recently in New York and embraced by 6 other states. This, despite the horrific rise in mass shootings and gun violence in the United States. The cynic in me has to ask: what about the concerns of the segment of the population who have raised their voices against both of these Supreme Court decisions- both before and after the decisions were announced? Yet again, we, particularly women today, have been unheard and discounted. I am filled with rage and despair.

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One response to “Remember This Date: June 24, 2022, When Women’s Right to Choose Was Decimated”

  1. Sandra Avatar

    Spot on. This is just so disheartening to see the Supreme Court ignoring the rule of law and precedent to become a political body in violation of the Constitution. Shame on them.

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