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“Alexa, Please Talk To Me Using My Dead Granny’s Voice.”

Alexa by Amazon will soon be able to speak like dead loved ones.

😡😲😲What in the night of the living dead hell is this? Geezuz, say it ain’t so! Amazon is working on technology that will now allow you to simply upload a one minute recording of your deceased loved one’s voice and Alexa will able to talk like him or her. I can’t…I won’t! Even writing this post about it is freaking me out! Amazon has not said when this feature will be available. I say release it the 32nd of Nevermember (not a typo). I’m sorry, I don’t need my dog cloned and I damn sure don’t need my granny to read my toddler (if I had one), a bedtime story. Even more, I haven’t even begun to process what crazy stalkers would do with this or the party identity thieves are throwing right now. Seriously yawl (Amazon), let the dead rest & the living live in peace. #teamtoodamnmuch

“Alexa, tell Jeff Bezos that nobody wants this.”

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