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Packing Heat-Taco Bell Is Now Selling Luggage

Taco Bell x Calpak luggage collection
Taco Bell x Calpak

Can’t get enough tacos and/or Taco Bell? Well, you’re in luck Ms. Heel. Taco Bell is not only open late, but apparently is open to having a luggage line. Taco Bell & Calpak are making taco lovers dreams come true with this ‘fire’ collection. A collection that you can take with you anywhere or to the next pop-up Taco Bell Hotel & Resort, which popped up way back in 2019 (who knew). Word on the street tacos is, Taco Bell has plans to do more hotels! Along with pics of their luggage, I’ve posted a video below to see inside the resort. Have fun 🌮 lovers.

Hot Sauce Packet Duffel Bag: $110

Taco Bell x Calpak Duffel bag

Diablo Sauce Packet Crossbody Bag-$65

Taco Bell x Calpak Diablo cross body bag

Taco Bell (MILD) Packing Cubes$75

Taco Bell luggage

Taco Bell FIRE! Carry-On Luggage-$235

Taco Bell carry-on luggage

Pssst...a li birdie told me that all luggage is on sale on Calpak’s website.

The Former Taco Bell Hotel & Resort Pop-Up In Palm Springs

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