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Fake Sugar-A Pack Of Lies?

fake sugar a pack of lies

We know how much a Ms. Heel loves a good cup of coffee. Many of us use artificial sugar to save on the calories. Just in case you haven’t heard, scientists are saying that fake/manufactured sugar can potentially cause cancer. Read the full story by Science Daily here. Our resident Nurse Blu wrote a good-bye letter to fake sugar in our March/April magazine. See why she’s kicking it out of her house.

Dear Fake Sugar,

When you find this, I’ll be gone; back in the arms of my one true sweet. While I’ll never forget you and the journey we had, I am not sad to leave you behind. You fooled me over and over again, shapeshifting, always trying to disguise your fakeness…but this time I’ve had enough.

Can fake sugar cause cancer?

Enough of your syrupy lies. I now know you’re not the real thing and you never were. Oh Stevia, bitter on my tongue, you disrupt my metabolic flow. As sucrose, you gave me such a rush my vessels burst, my teeth decayed and my gums were left swollen and bruised. “Corn,” you said, “is natural, try my erythritol.” How bad could it be? The headaches and the nausea were only the beginning as you tortured me with a swollen tummy-you left me stranded in the bathroom.

“Give me another try,” you pleaded, pink packet in hand. I was tempted by your offering and happy for quite some time. But with each sweet taste, I craved more. As a peace offering you brought me a new fruit – monk fruit. Not so bad, I might have stayed longer and enjoyed your taste for one more bite had you not so many times deceived.

Goodbye, my nectarous darling, goodbye.

Fake sugar fact vs fiction.

*This story was written by Nurse Blu @kristenschaefer & first appeared in our February 2021 magazine*

2 responses to “Fake Sugar-A Pack Of Lies?”

  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    Great info and advice!

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Very clever

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