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Diptyque Is Dipping Into Home Care

Diptyque is dipping into home care
Diptyque's new home line.

In the world of candle making, no one holds a candle to Diptyque! They are world-renowned (and beloved by the Kardashians) for their high-quality candles and for never infusing them with anything synthetic. So I guess it really shouldn’t be a surprise nor too much of a stretch, that they are now dipping their toes into a fragrant home care line. Covid, quarantines and cleaning all merged into the perfect storm and wah la, the French folks at Diptyque took notice and are introducing, La Droguerie-a line specifically made to help keep your home smelling so fresh. The line will include a vinegar-based multi-purpose cleaner, beeswax milk for wood and leather, a cedar wood pomander for moth control, an orange blossom-scented wash for dishes (brush included) and of course, a new basil-scented candle. Everything is 99% natural and bio-degradable. (Check your local stores for the new home line)

As you know Ms. Heel, this month our March/April issue is all about home-with this news, there’s no better time to think Spring cleaning! See all the Diptyque products to add a lil French flavor to your home.

Diptyque is dipping into home care

Limited Edition Tuberose Candle: $78 the smell is so delicious & fragrant!

Tuberose Room Spray: $68

Fleur de Peau Multiuse Fragrance (skin, fabrics & home): $110 [fragrance story- In ancient Greece, one myth stood out as the most passionate and sensual—the love between Psyche and Eros, the beauty’s quest to meet with her lover and the happy outcome of their union which led to the birth of their daughter, Hedone.] The scent: floral notes are spectacularly rich: sweet, slightly animal and fruity, like pear and plum. (source: Diptyque)

Electric Wall Diffuser: $125 Infuses your home with softest of scents. Complete with on/off switch.

Some of you “live” in you cars so to speak, especially if you have a long commute or live in a big city with lots of traffic. That’s why you will love this Rose-scented Car Diffuser with inserts: $110

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