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Green Heels & Handbag

Green heels & handbags

Get it? C’mon, who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?! In honor of St. Patty’s Day, I’m doing the no-shock-here post on a cute pair of green heels and green handbags. I know…the originality is too much. If ya got a better idea, leave a comment below and I’ll do it next March 17th.🍀

So, whether you run out & buy these items below to wear to an Irish bar tonight, these heels & handbags can be worn anytime of the year…Happy St. Patrick’s Day Ms. Heel!💚

(p.s. click on any pic for shopping details)

Betsey Johnson Noemi Multi Green Heel: $99

See, green eggs heels don’t have to be boring…go ahead and mix those prints.

Almma Heel by Betsey Johnson: $99

By Far Alfie Bag: $462

INC Shyne Fringe Boots: $199.50

BAR lll Caymen Ball Sandal: $69.50

MZ Wallace Tote: $275

2 responses to “Green Heels & Handbag”

  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    The shoes are always greener…oh wait, that’s the grass!

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Very cute Jane!