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Skating Right Into Black History & Olympic History Books

Erin Jackson makes black history

When Girl (friend) Power Is Cold As Ice…

Erin Jackson makes black history
(Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

Erin Jackson had the opportunity to make Olympic history, when she competed in the 500 meter speed skating event in Beijing; not only did she place-she won the gold medal, becoming the first Black woman to earn an individual gold medal for Team USA in these 2022 winter games. The back story behind this epic win is one of true selfless friendship. Brittany Bowe, Jackson’s friend and mentor, had actually qualified for this event in the U.S. trials, but feeling that Jackson was a better fit for the event (after slipping and not qualifying), graciously gave up her spot so her friend and teammate could compete. Obviously, Erin Jackson didn’t disappoint! Bowe was among the first people to offer Jackson congrats. But wait-the story gets better! Four days after Jackson’s win, Bowe earned a bronze medal competing in the 1,000 meter speed skating event. She currently holds the world record in this event and is the first American woman to medal in it in 20 years.

Don’t ya just love a glorious friendship story? Look what can happen when women lift each other up via high heels or giving up a “higher” spot. #girlpower💖

Erin Jackson & Brittney Bowe
photo credit: CNN
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2 responses to “Skating Right Into Black History & Olympic History Books”

  1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

    Amazing story of generosity!

  2.  Avatar

    This is such an amazing story. Love both of these strong women. Historic

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