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Capitol Heel👠 Briefing #4: There’s A New DJ In Florida Ya’ll-Big Ups To DJ “DT45”

DJ Donald Trump's remix cassette tapes
Donald Trump is now deejaying during dinner at Mar A Lago.

Time to break out those expensive designer dancing shoes ladies, if you’re “lucky” enough to be in attendance this weekend at a fete at Mar-a-Lago. Why? Because former 45th president, Donald Trump will take on the role of disc jockey, spinning tracks on the ones & twos during dinner.

DJ Donald Trump's remix cassette tapes

I seriously can’t make this up. He’s promising his financially unchallenged guests “great music.” Hmmm. We know Trump has a penchant for Elton John, the Village People’s YMCA as well as Macho Man. (’cause he so wishes he was one?) Songs he might play from his favorite rappers could include tracks from Kanye West…and maybe Lil Wayne. DJ DT45 likely won’t play anything from Beyonce, John Legend or anyone else who performed at Barack Obama’s inauguration. He might be tempted to play “Don’t You forget About Me” by Simple Minds- though on my request list would be the oldie “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra (’cause I think some folks wish he would).

Mic🎤 drop.

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