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From Madame VP To Minnie Mouse, Why The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pantsuit Needs to Be Stopped

The Traveling pantsuit worn by Hilary Clinton and Kamala Harris

To paraphrase Shakespeare, is the uproar about Minnie Mouse’s new Stella McCartney designed pantsuit, to be debuted to celebrate Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary, much ado about nothing?

Minnie Mouse in a new pantsuit designed by Stella McCartney.

As my oldest young adult granddaughter (the ultimate Disney aficionado) has stated, “What’s the big deal? Minnie has over 200 outfits…many of them pants.” Originally pantsuits were imagined to help women fit into largely male-dominated environs, and became a symbol of female empowerment: think Hillary Clinton and the pantsuits she passed on to Kamala Harris. But seriously, why?

Hilary Clinton in the traveling pantsuit and handed it down to Kamala Harris.
The Traveling Pantsuit…fits every woman in politics

Who determines that a woman cannot have a powerful presence clad in dresses and high heels? (We see you Michelle Obama.) We as women shouldn’t be expected to dress in an androgynous or ‘neutered’ feminist style to feel empowered. This isn’t about sexism, but rather a woman’s right to choose how she wants to present her strong herself – whether in a pantsuit, a dress, a skirt & blouse, whatever.

Michelle Obama in Balenciaga boots
Michelle Obama with Sarah Jessica Parker wearing $4000 Balenciaga boots

My fashion, my choice, so to speak. And hey, if Minnie is happy in her new tuxedo and flat shoes-well, good for her!

Now, can we talk about that bare-assed Donald Duck?

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