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Chanel Is Channeling Hermes

Chanel handbag prices on the rise
Chanel handbag prices on the rise Photo by ©
Chanel, spring-summer 2022 Paris, France

In what way you ask? PRICES! My goodness, the price of Chanel handbags have skyrocketed these past few years. If purchasing Chanel handbags hasn’t been on the top of your shopping list-allow me to fill you in…and yeah, I have receipts!

Once upon a time in 1997, I purchased a giant(aka-maxi) classic Chanel bag. The price? $1839 (with taxes).

Now, that same bag? $10,000 via!


As a magazine editor, I’m very much aware that prices have increased for luxury goods since the late 90s. Luxury companies typically raise their prices yearly. Chanel’s increases are a little extreme. Chanel is saying the price hikes are due to currency exchange rates and production disruptions due to the pandemic (blame it on Covid-very easy target). Mmn hmn…ok. But industry insiders are saying that it is a strategy to garner the same status of the elusive, wait-your-celebrity-status-turn, of Hermes’ Birkin bag. IOW, too many regular wealthy folks are carrying their bags. They only want the mega-rich to apply…and I trust they will.

As they say, the rich are getting richer…and carrying Chanel handbags.

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See one of my favs from Chanel’s 2017 Cuba collection (still not cheap tho) @ $5950 :

What Goes Around Comes Around

*Chanel cover photo by ©*

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