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Green & Brown M&Ms…Now With 50% Less Sexy & 100% More Controversy

Goodbye sexy Green m&m
Green & Brown MM spending time together

OMG! OMG! OMG! The ‘makeover’ for M&Ms’ characters has fed the ire of many on social media and they are urging a return to the previous “hot” female M&M characters. The brown M&M now wears sensible pumps, while the green M&M has stepped out of her stilettos into comfy sneakers. Since we do love heels around here, SAY IT AIN’T SO! Gone, too, are their long eyelashes. And a certain cable news host is not happy about these changes! In an unhinged rant, he condemned the female M&M characters as less sexy-going so far as to say, “… You wouldn’t want to have a drink with any one of them.”

ɳew year ɳick on Twitter: "They really got my sis Green M&M in these old  maiden, 40-50 year old auntie sneakers instead of their iconic boots. I-" / Twitter

Whatever…I guess to each his own sexual fantasies.

So, is Vanessa Williams still the strong, authoritative (kinda sexy) voice of the brown M&M? I guess now with the sensible heels, she’s more stern? No more fun mean…just mean, mean. And Ms. Green-where did her sexy go? Does the maker, Mars Candy, think she’s too old/past her primetime to be sexy any longer? Mars claims they were going for a more progressive/nuanced look. What?! Yes, I know it’s candy, but it’s also symbolic at a macro level of how society views women. Why can’t we always have a lifetime of wanting to be glamorous, wear makeup, false eyelashes, and be sexy, flirtatious women? I don’t wanna have a drink with any of these characters-I don’t even eat M&Ms! But I would like for them to bring Ms. Green’s sexy back…and yes, that means the high heels.

Geesh, not everything has to be that serious…not even this story.

2 responses to “Green & Brown M&Ms…Now With 50% Less Sexy & 100% More Controversy”

  1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

    Love this-good job Jane!

  2. Robert Garretson Avatar
    Robert Garretson

    I love it and found myself laughing at the crazy news guy taking it so seriously.

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