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When Karma Is A Pretty Designer B*tch!

What goes around comes around

Karma has been described as what goes around comes around. Or, in the case of fashion-what’s old is new again. Especially when it comes to the intersection of fashion and climate change. The clothing industry is showing huge growths in sustainable clothing and with the reselling of designer clothing and accessories. That’s why me and a few of my editors all sat down and created a resale wish list of our most wanted designer finds on the actual website THIS, is some good designer Karma that we’ll take any day!

See what we found:

Me: Vintage Chanel handbag adorned with ladybugs from their 2011 collection. Why: “I have a thing for ladybugs-it’s my good luck charm!”🐞

Jane Garretson Copy/Political Editor: Louis Vuitton monogram backpack. Why: “I love a backpack as a purse.”

Michelle Wallis Beauty Editor: Gold Stamped Chanel CC Pin. Why: “It’s timeless, classic and elegant… a piece that will never go out of style and so versatile and understated.”

Tara Acevedo Contributing Editor: Gucci canvas belt bag. Why: “It reminds me of the 80s & I LOVE the 80s!”

These are our picks. Click on any of these for pricing and all shopping details. Or see what you can find…spread some good karma.

What Goes Around Comes Around

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