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The Sole Of Who We Are

I created this magazine for one reason only-to see a mag that didn’t look like anything else on the market. A magazine that focused on so many women’s obsession-SHOES! For women who also wanted to read really interesting editorials that sounded like conversations we all have with our girlfriends on any given Friday night, an after work happy hour, a 2 hour phone fest or a funny text chain. The national magazines I still read & subscribe to aren’t doing this-so I created it. If you have a few quarters to spare-treat yourself to the one magazine on the market that I promise you, will have you reading it from cover to cover-giddily turning the page in anticipation of what’s next & saying out loud (at least once), “Guurrrlll, I know that’s right!” Ms. Heel magazine will have you clutching your proverbial faux pearls, laughing out loud and at times taking you down roads of deep thought. And of course, burning your corneas with the world’s most amazing footwear.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

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The heart & sole of Ms. Heel Magazine. The ONLY magazine for shoe lovers!

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