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Finally, Black Brides Can Go Nude!

Illusion mesh backs in every skin-tone

Did you get engaged over Christmas? Well, if you did-congrats! And if already looking for that dream gown that will show off your skin-we’re here to help…especially black brides-to-be. The word nude for decades, excluded us. But no more; check out all the nudes we found that are perfect for those with that melanin glow.

Bridal gown designer Naama & Anat have created illusion mesh backs in EVERY skin-tone (especially for black women)! For years and still today, most off the rack bridal gowns with sheer illusion backs, come standard in Caucasian skin tones. And if designers did get adventurous, it was with a dark-tanned mesh. Still made for white women–but for those with a deep tan.

For a few years, I used to be a Bridal Consultant. And I can’t tell you, how many of my black brides complained about not being able to find an illusion mesh back that would match their skin-tones!

But no more.

Low and behold while scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled across bridal gown designer Naama & Anat, it was a welcomed surprise. And I’m not sure if they are the only designers making this dark mesh effort, but I’ll speak on behalf of black brides and their stylists: THANK YOU!

Illusion mesh backs in every skin-tone. Especially for black women.

[UPDATE: 7/10/20] After originally posting this, we discovered another designer catering to black brides: J’aton Couture. See more of his stunning designs @Jantoncouture

black bridal designers
Nude illusion mesh bridal gowns for black brides by Jaton Couture.

[UPDATED 5/20/21] Another nude designer for black brides! Brides by Nona, based out of Atlanta, GA., was the designer of RHOA star, Cynthia Bailey-Hill’s gown.

RHOA star Cynthia Bailey-Hill wore a gown by black bridal designer, Brides By Nona.
Designer seen here with Cynthia.
Nude illusion for black women.
Dress by Brides by Nona
Nude illusion gowns for black brides by Brides By Nona.
Brides by Nona


And nude issues don’t stop there. Black women have also been turning up their brown noses at so-called nude heels for decades! One day back in 2016, Jamela A Acheampong watched in admiration, Kim Kardashian dressed head to toe in nude–she too, wanted to Keep Up With The Kardashians and went in search of nude heels. Unable to find them, she mixed her own paints together and painted a white pair of heels her shade of brown. Thus launching her all inclusive nude shoe line, Kahmune.

What’s even more genius, the lines 10 shades are matched to some of the leading foundations on the market. Thus know the name of your foundation, get the right color nude heel–amazing!

Lupita Nyongo in nude Kahmune heels
As seen here on Lupita Nyongo

Barre It All

Need nude hosiery for your wedding day or simply to wear to work? Well, look no further than Nude Barre. They specialize in all things nude (hosiery, panties, masks, etc.) for black women in all our illuminating shades & sizes!

fishnets, in the 5PM shade by Nude Barre
Fishnet tights $33

Lastly, I will update this post (again), if a reader notifies me of other designers doing multi-color mesh gowns and/or if I stumble across one myself.

Black Brides Matter.

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