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Jan/Feb 2022 Ms. Heel Magazine

Jan/Feb Ms. Heel Magazine

Welcome to the year 2022!🎉✨🥂 We made it through another year of Covid and all its variants. Hopefully, you were able to go out in your hottest heels to feel like an adult again at some point this year. Speaking of being gown, we dive deeper into what it means to live a grown up life (and all those adult decisions, Dorothy😉); hence this month’s theme-up. Welcome to the Up Issue! We’ve included everything you’ll need to up yo game in some shape, form or fashion. Not to mention, our 2nd Annual Flatabulous Guide. We hope you enjoy and please subscribe to never miss an issue.💋

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Jan/Feb Ms. Heel Magazine

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2 responses to “Jan/Feb 2022 Ms. Heel Magazine”

  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    Love this cover!

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Thank you💋