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Out The Closet & Openly Gray!

Gray hair is out the closet

When I turned 50, I never once thought of covering my gray hair. Matter of fact, I decided to stop dying my hair altogether! I’m fully embracing it as just another change in life. Clearly, I’m not alone-celebs are doing it as well. Aging doesn’t scare me anymore; ironically, like it did when I was younger…go figure. Although I will confess, I still keep my empty mascara tubes-just in case I’m feeling a lil vain and want to cover a few edges. But, opening an at-home dye kit? Never again-that closet door is closed!

#grayhairdontcare 👵

Openly gray! Gray hair is now mainstream and no longer taboo. Seen here on Maye Musk, Tia Mowry, Helen Mirren, Sarah Jessica Parker and Andie McDowell.

*This article first appeared in the Nov/Dec Magazine*

*cover photo: Pinterest

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  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    Love it!

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