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Get Carried Away & Stay At Carrie Bradshaw’s Apt.

Carrie and Mr. Big in bed.

That’s right, you read it correctly, you can now sleep where Carrie slept with Mr. Big, Aiden and a slew of other hotties at her infamous NYC apartment. Just in time for the release of And Just like That the follow-up to SATC, Sarah Jessica Parker has teamed up with Air BNB & Warner Bros to rent out her apartment for a 2 night stay. Unlike her expensive heels, the stay is quite affordable and easy on the pocketbook at only $23 a night. Why only $23? Because it’s an homage to the 23 years that has passed since Sex & The City first premiered.

Stay at Carrie Bradshaw's apt.

What won’t be so easy, is booking a stay. Starting Monday, November 8 at noon, you can sign up to request a stay. What’s included? A special shout-out from Carrie, Cosmopolitans for two and of course a chance to play dress up inside Carrie’s closet.

As Samantha said at Carrie’s & Big’s wedding dinner party, “It’s time to get “Carried” away.”

SJP Airbnb Closet

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