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Heels Without The Pain-We Found A Cure!

Cure foot pain with cbd stiletto elixir

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah…right.” Listen up, you sassy lil stiletto wearer, what if I told you we stumbled upon 3 little letters that will ease & soothe your 4, 5, & 6 inch pain? It’s true-Stiletto Elixir by Simon Wolff is the CBD-infused (see, told ya-you can now pick your mouth up off the floor) elixir that you’ve been dreaming of. Just a quick spray roughly 30 seconds before strutting out the door, and your dread of the pain from said heels just went up in an odorless, colorless, quick drying non smoke!πŸ˜‰

Simon Wolf stiletto elixir
Stiletto Elixir $30

There’s a certain remix of a song that’s been banned from airplay due to it’s infamous songwriter, but these are the only lyrics befitting of their other product:

After the show it’s the afterparty, then,
After the party it’s the hotel lobby,

You DO NOT have to worry anymore about taking off your heels in the hotel lobby and doing the dreaded perp walk barefoot! Nope, massage those dancin’ on the table feet with this CBD-infused massaging lotion that will soothe inflamed, dry, achy feet.

Simon Wolf CBD-infused After party potion
AfterParty Potion: $40


We’ve partnered with Simon Wolff and we’re giving away free full size jars and sprays of the elixirs.

Rules: follow us on Instagram and tag a friend [s] about what you found and we’ll choose 4 lucky (random) winners. Winner will be announced on Sunday (5/23/21) when we rest…our feet.

p.s. MUST live in the United States.

You’ve been heeled!πŸ‘ 

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