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An Open Letter To Single Mom Parented Kids: I’m Sorry…

Open letter to single mom parented kids everywhere

I was a married single mom from the time I was six months pregnant. I’ll explain. I separated from my ex-husband at six months pregnant, my divorced was finalized when my son was 5 months and I raised my son (my only child) as a single mom his entire life. My ex made in-person random visits periodically for 14 years (after that he went M.I.A.); thankfully, his child support checks checked in monthly. My son will turn 21 on Cinco de Mayo. This is my letter to him. An apology 21 years in the making. Now that he can officially sit and have a drink with me (we’ll both need a tequila shot after reading this), I felt like this was the time to say I’m sorry…sorry for all the mistakes I made during his childhood. Feel free to pass this along to your child or to another single mom. Happy birthday my beautiful baby boy & Happy Mother’s Day.

An Open Letter to children raised by single moms

*this open letter first appeared in the May Ms. Heel Magazine*

2 responses to “An Open Letter To Single Mom Parented Kids: I’m Sorry…”

  1. Jane Garretson Avatar
    Jane Garretson

    I think every mom- married or single, has regrets. There are so many factors that come into play that impact how we parent. Thank you for this soul-baring acknowledgment of yours. So poignantly powerful.

    1. The Ms. Heel Avatar

      Thank you…I simply sat down and recalled those moments in time I can’t do over…but hopefully I can give a mom now, some guidance.

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