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We Found Beyonce’s Nail Art Designer

If you’re anything like me, I pay attention to accessories–accessories are my thang! Hence, this very magazine. Which is why I was a lil perplexed when I saw Bey’s gloves and still saw gold nails. WTH?! I immediately went in search of this fab new thing and wah la, I found the designer–Schiaparelli. The gloves and other funky fab accessories that I discovered, are part of her spring/summer 21 collection. And let me just say, these ain’t for the shy. Nope, be ready to make a bold fashion statement…see below.

The Gloves:

Schiaparelli black gloves with gold nails.
Schiaparelli, Spring-Summer 2021, Paris, France (price unknown)
We found these vegan leather gloves for $685 on Halloween Costume Witch Nail Gloves, Black with Gold Nails,  One-Size, 1 Pair: Clothing
And of course Amazon has them for only $7.59 and with a longer nail.

Can you see me now?

What say you Ms. Heel, would you wear the sunglasses?

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