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JLo Was Right-Men Are Out of Style…A Case Against Men!

See why I agree with Jennifer Lopez on saying men are useless before 33

Jlo just said on Tinder’s Swipe Sessions that men were useless until age 33–I agree! I also think a lot of older men are out of style with today’s woman. Keep reading to see why I’m in good company with Miss Jenny from the block and my neck of the woods!

See why I agree with Jennifer Lopez on saying men are useless before age 33
some men are out of style with today's woman.

 Hello, my name is Jane and I am pissed off at men! Let me be very clear: I do not dislike or feel angry with all men. In fact, I hold in high esteem many men: my stepfather, who married my mother as a young widow with two little girls and raised us as his own; those men who saw my worth as my supervisors or administrators in various educational positions I have held;  my sons, who have grown into successful men of integrity; and most important, my husband, who has always encouraged and supported me in many career moves. Through the years we have partnered in every way.

My case is against a particular ilk or style of men- those who enjoy male privilege: their penis power, so to speak, in a way that seems to thrive on the victimization, demeaning or denigration of others: usually women, but sometimes children or anyone they think is β€˜less than.’

To keep reading, go to page 15 in our February Bad Love Magazine

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