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JLo Is Right About Men Being Useless Before 33…With A Caveat

JLo was right about men before age 33...with a caveat

As a woman in her 50s just as Jennifer is, I totally get what she’s saying about younger men. They are clueless to how to really love a woman and they’re so out of touch with their feelings until they reach 40. BUT, I still can make a case arguing for their silly asses-see why I think men will never go out style…at any age.

JLo was right about men...with a caveat

Hi, my name is Velicia and I LOVE men.  And just so we’re all very clear about this, I don’t just like men or think they’re cool to hang out with while tailgating or playing beer pong-but love!

 I promise you, no one loves men more than me-not even you, Kim Kardashian. I love the way they smell; the way they look and talk, their hands, their feet, their touch and all the ways they are different from women. As a former professional runway model, I’ve loved and/or dated (for the record, dating does not always = sex) every kind of man you can imagine: white, black, a mixture of the two, Hispanic, French, Haitian, European, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and African.  Rich, poor, middle class, blue-collar, white-collar, silver-spooners, self-made millionaires, professional athletes, politicians, musicians, smart asses, dumb asses, maniacs, insomniacs, workaholics and alcoholics. [breathe…there’s more]: hardheaded, wrongheaded, pigheaded, pot heads, big heads, shitheads and Rastas with dreads.  Men that are heterosexual, bisexual (unbeknownst to me), overly sexual, impotent, tall, short, bald, premature gray, old and young.  Plus, I’ve been engaged several times, married once and divorced.   So, do I know my way around Mars (man’s home planet) better than NASA’s Curiosity Rover? 

Hell yes I do!

Therein lies my problem and my passion—MEN! 

I am here to present the case for men and clearly, I’m biased. It’s ironic for me to argue for the good of men, since I’m a girl that has experienced her biggest heartaches and has had her heart broken numerous times by said aforementioned species.

*to finish reading my case for men, go to pg. 16 in our February Good Love magazine*

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