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The Lady and The Tramp

A soul to sole conversation between a lady and a tramp.

You know you want to read this story! Every woman is a bit of a lady and a bit of a tramp. That’s why we say girls are made of sugar and spice! How are you feeling today? Nice? or Spicy? More importantly, are you passing judgement on the lady or the tramp?πŸ€”

A soul to sole conversation between a lady and a tramp.

A lady walks into a bar; though it is a Sunday evening, the place is crowded, and it appears there is no place to sit. She turns to leave when she sees a sexily dressed young woman waving her over to the empty chair at her small table. The lady warily sits, removing her jacket and placing her oversized purse on the floor between her 3 inch designer heels. The younger woman looks her over with a barely concealed look of condescension. Soon a harried waiter stops and asks the lady, β€œWhat’ll you have?” She says, β€œTea?” He sighs gustily- β€œLady, this is a bar.” The sexy younger woman speaks up, β€œShe’ll have a Long Island Iced Tea”- as she thinks to herself β€œWell, this could get interesting!”

Drinks arrive and are imbibed, inhibitions are soon abandoned, and the two women begin to talk. Let’s listen in on their conversation…

To read the rest of this story go to pg. 29 in the Bad Love Ms. Heel Magazine.

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