Dear America, Hey Girl…We Need To Talk

Dear America-- a letter to American women about Donald Trump and the 2020 election.

Dear America,

Admit it girl, ya like bad boys.

You dated a really nice guy for eight years. No cheating. No lying. No scandalous behavior. For God sakes, he wore “dad jeans.” He was there for you and you were…frankly, bored.

So he left. You then embraced and ran straight into the arms of a reckless, arrogant, rich Playboy. He lies, cheats, embarrasses you, and grabs you in places one should never be grabbed. You know better; but you love it.

So now after four years, you’re starting to feel a lil abused; and you’re contemplating a break-up. You’ve dated badboys before in your 20s. You already know how this roller-coaster romance will end…badly!

But you love the lifestyle, the money.

You’re 45 now–ya got kids. You’re not speaking to half your family because of him and he’s not invited to Thanksgiving.

Is he worth it?

Not to harp, but you’ve told me numerous times, that you’re not “comfy” with his ism’s: racism, chauvinism, and sexism. And you don’t like ANY of his “Proud” friends. He’s begging and pleading to let him come back. Promising to be better and he’ll never do it again…blah, blah, blah!

Once again, there’s another nice, empathetic, kinda goofy, “regular Joe” guy, who is trying to be good to you…love you. He wants to make sure you have rights over your body, have health insurance, clean air and water.

Whatcha gon do?

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Dear America-- a letter to American women about Donald Trump and the 2020 election.

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