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She has the need to feel free like she has nothing to lose, she just wants to get into her pink convertible and cruise.

She’s growing tired and bored of her same old abode, she wants to go much further than just down the road.

She eases on her dark sunglasses down over her brown eyes, as the ending summer sun begins setting low in the skies.

Her hand grips the steering wheel as her foot holds the throttle, as her lips take a long drink from an ice cold water bottle.

She reaches over to tune her radio to her favorite r&b station, now she feels like driving through every state in the nation.

She doesn’t know where she’s going until she finally gets there,

All she wants to do is enjoy the wind blowing in her hair.

She holds her hand out the window to feel the air through her fingers, she wished she could always be where her free spirit lingers.

Around the endless curves her car disappears into the shade, far away in the distance her bright red tail lights fade.

She passes by rows of trees and a thousand birds on a wire, the sky blazes a yellow orange as if the sky was on fire.

She could not imagine anything better to end her perfect day, than the amazing view of the sunset out on this lonesome highway.

The air is becoming cooler as the day blurs into night,

She feels so awake and alive in the suns fading light.

She keeps traveling on down this lonely two lane road, she’ll drive into the sunset and forget her old abode.

*note: this poem is written by the very talented Lisa Maisel. She stays under the radar & somewhat off the grid. To see more of her poetry follow her on Facebook @ Lisa Maisel *

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