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The Bag Every Club Hoppin’/Party Girl Should Own

Mary Frances Queen of Evrything Phone bag

Hi girls! Now I haven’t been hitting up any clubs lately, but for those that are still going out, we stumbled (soberly) across a new category of bags called: CLUB BAGS AKA PHONE BAGS. What are these bags you ask? Club/Phone bags are bags that are specifically made with a convenient top pocket for your cell phone to take those cute club selfies and a side zippered compartment to safely and securely hold your important stuff while doing so: lipstick, keys, credit cards, cash, valet/parking stub, safe sex supplies, glasses and your identification. AMAZING–take a look at our newest collection of Club and Phone Bags.

Mary Frances Phone Bags:

Mary Frances queen of everything phone bag
This is AMAZING! $85
Mary Frances queen of everything phone bag
Mary Frances queen of hearts phone bag



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