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Catchin’ Flights Not Feelings-How To Travel Solo & In Style!

Catchin flights not feelings-traveling in style

Yours truly recently had to brush off her 90’s modeling skills and shoot the “Catchin’ Flights Not Feelings” editorial for the magazine. My goal along with our wonderful photo editor Mr. Kevin Schaefer, was to showcase the hot days of summer and enduring your time getting to and being in the airport. I for one believe, that the airport is a great place to see and be seen. Especially if you’re single; take this time to look exceptionally good. Forget swiping left on the latest dating app; you got a giant runway at your ready to strut your stuff and catch the attention of single men from all over the world.

And once at destination, you MUST get dressed up and have a fabulous dinner for one. No eating in your hotel room. A sexy bar, a good glass of champagne, new locally flavored food and a great dress is all you need. And speaking of a table for one, we didn’t get that actual shot; due to the fact, all the restaurants in Midtown Atlanta had put away all their outdoor dining chairs during our shoot). So we went with our traveler with her shoes off and walking down the street after a good meal (what you didn’t see, is me wearing flip-flops–we purposefully cut my feet off). But she (me) is happy, heels in hand and feelin good.

Go see the🌎 Ms. Heel…

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