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Get Your MoTo Back–The Best Motivational Books To Read During These Hard Times

If not now when
No time like right NOW

I LOVE this picture above. It sums up what I’ll be saying below: the only time we ever really have is RIGHT NOW!

Let’s face it, it’s hard out here for a Ms. Heel! We’re losing jobs, losing friends, family and famous people (the repo man & the grim reaper are busy), to this horrid disease. And on a VERY shallow note, we can’t go out, get cute, throw on heels and socialize! I for one, didn’t realize how important happy hours, parties with friends and eating out was so vital to one’s psychy.

While our staff misses wearing heels; we all have something we enjoyed doing that due to social-distancing, we no longer get to do. I guess the bigger question to ask: is this our new normal? Will certain jobs or activities (concerts & sporting events) ever come back?

I don’t have the answers; which is why I curated a list of my favorite motivational books that are always the kick in the ass I need, whenever I’m in a slump. Thus if no longer employed, are you finally being forced to start that new business, open that online shoe store or write that book you always wanted to? More so, are you in your ideal relationship or with that soulmate? What better time than now, to get motivated again and take a giant leap for your kind of piece of mind.

If not now when? What better time to get motivated.
Best motivational books

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