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Retail Therapy-Why Retail Stores Are STILL Good Medicine.

Prada Marfa store for some retail therapy

Now that Mall-Apocalypse has been added to our lexicon, are malls really over? Well I for one hope not. I have always loved an actual store. Here are some of the things I adore about stores:

The visual merchandising (I will never forget walking into Saks in NYC and having my heart snatched from me, by the breath-taking visual stimuli hanging from the ceiling).

The dressing rooms: trying on shoes and clothing (NOT, hoping that it fits, once it gets to my house).

And actually connecting with sales people. I enjoy having a favorite sales-clerk; one that knows my size and will make sure I get notified of the latest arrivals and someone to help me out in a crunch…also known as a return past thirty days.

To lose this level of connectivity is what’s apocalyptic to me! And yes, I am well-aware that due to the Corona virus, the argument for retail stores has started again. But I’ll end this debate very quickly–grocery stores.

I rest my case.

Which is why I started a new feature for the magazine. I will be highlighting some of the best retail stores to visit. A little in-store pick-me-up.

This month, we take a trip to Texas, to the Prada Marfa store. Ironically, this isn’t a store you can actually go in, but a must-see in person none the less.

See for yourself.

For Retail Therapy we visit Prada Marfa sotre.

Your therapy appointment is all set for August…see ya next month.๐Ÿ˜˜

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