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Happiest Feet On Earth!

Irregular and Disney Collection

Disney is expanding it’s reach and has teamed up with several big name shoe designers, to make our shoes the happiest place on earth! I guess it’s a small (foot) world after all.

Gucci x Disney Collaboration
Gucci x Disney Collaboration in 2019

I must admit, I’m not a HUGE fan of Disney World; Disney Springs–yes! Because that’s where I can drink, eat and party. But I am well aware that some people absolutely lose their minds over all things Disney. So when I started noticing all the Disney shoe collabs, I wandered off like a fascinated kid at Disneyland and went in search of all the eye-candy overload. And here’s what I discovered.

Aldo Shoes Joins In On The Fun

Cinderella’s Castle Where Couples Get Married.

We all know the story of Cinderella: girl gets clothes-shamed by evil step-sisters, girl makes wish and gets her glass slippers, girl goes to house party and finds her dream guy. Girl loses her shoe as she runs home to make curfew. Meanwhile, guy loses girl, finds said girl’s heel that she lost running home and goes in search of her really tiny feet. Girl and Guy reconnect, get married and live (supposedly) happy ever after.

Just curious, has anyone checked up on them?

Aldo has re-interpreted the glass slipper and the evil step-sister heel (which I really like), they’re simple…like her stepsistersπŸ˜‰. This collection proved to be very popular–it’s sold out. And no need to make a wish–another collection is coming soon!

Keep scrolling to see other collaborations.

Aldo glass slippers by Disney
Aldo x Disney Glass Slippers $100
Aldo step sisters heel
Also x Disney Step-Sisters Heel $95

Ruthie Davis Is A Mulan Warrior Princess!

Platform and 6 inch heel loving designer, Ruthie Davis kicked some serious butt with her black warrior collection! But she didn’t stop there. She also commissioned a Jasmine , Frozen 2 and an Evil Villain collection.

Ruthie Davis Warrior 4
Ruthie Davis x Disney Warrior4 $498

Ruthie Davis Jasmine Colletion:

Ruthie Davis Frozen 2 Heel:

Ruthie Davis Snow White Collection:

Irregular Choice x Disney

They don’t call them irregular for no reason! They ALWAYS take their designs to a whole other level. And their Disney collection does not disappoint. And since sharing is caring, I must tell you, that they literally today as I type this, just dropped a Care Bears Collection.

Finally, If sneakers are more your style or you simply MUST wear flats, several sneaker lines also have collabs: Adidas, Vans, and Zara.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this lil sprinkle of fairy dust on your shoe dreams…may they come true!

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