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Paris Fashion Week Is Back In Style!

Paris Fashion Week Is Back!

Organizers have decided that the show MUST go on and Paris Fashion week will begin On September 28th 2020.

Paris Fashion Week To Be held September 28th

Many European countries are relaxing social distancing rules and easing lock-down rules. But with the United States Corona virus cases still on the rise, the European Union is considering a ban of all travelers from the U.S. If they move forward with this stinging blow to our fashionable egos, will buyers and editors even be allowed to attend?

Paris Fashion Week Is Back!

Stay tuned…

UPDATE [7/1/20]:

The European Union said: “Oh hell naw!”

Attention Americans, cancel those plans, contact those hotels and airlines-you ain’t gon make it. The Corona virus has canceled summer European vacation travel.πŸ˜’ We’ll update you if this changes.

Paris, Texas anyone?

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