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Should a Husband Pick Out His Wife’s Clothes?

Should You Let Your Husband Pick Out Your Clothes?

When a dad decides his daughter’s wardrobe, it can be seen as a form of affection, because he’s truly invested in the complete image of his babygirl. Most dads priority #1, is to make sure his teenage daughter’s clothes aren’t saying nor portraying anything sexual! But when he starts deciding his wife’s wardrobe, it can come off as controlling. For instance, if he doesn’t let her pick out any of her own clothing or he has to approve every outfit before she steps outside, denominating her closet to the point that she has a list of clothing she can’t even begin to try on when shopping…um, can we say: control freak.

Should you let your husband pick out your clothes?
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But is it that simple?

Personally, my husband’s advice is always appreciated when solicited. I value his opinion when I’m questioning certain looks; because not only does he know what looks good on me, but I know he appreciates when I look my best. And who else better than your hubby to answer that proverbial, universal, classic question: “Does this make me look fat?”

A husband shouldn’t feel the need to decide his wife’s daily apparel. He should trust in the type of woman he married to make these types of fashion decisions. Based on the fact that she is a grown woman and that clearly, the way she dressed attracted his attention.

Now there are husbands who help dress their wives, because she has ZERO fashion sense. She is a reflection of him and he wants her to look her best.

Let’s consider husband Kanye West giving his wife Kim Kardashian wardrobe advice. In this instance, the advice should be welcomed because he is a fashion designer–it would be beneficial to take his expert advice. Kanye has always encouraged Kim to be sexier; but when she was too sexy, it caused problems at The 2019 Met Gala according to an episode on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It was ok with him until it wasn’t. But at the end of the day, her fashion helps pay the bills. 

Kanye West picks out Kim Kardashian's clothes.

As with any relationship, they thrive when you have a give and take. Especially if you love your partner. Always dress for yourself. Keeping in mind, that no outfit is worth drama. You’ll just end up disrespecting yourself and/or hurting your hubby.

Does your husband see the value in your fashion decisions? Would he encourage you to be as sexy as Kim Kardashian or would he put a cap on your sexiness by asking you to cover up? 

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