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Sexy Accessories For Your Man๐Ÿ’‹

Sexy Accessories to wear for him on Father's Day

Feeling sexy is more than just a look.  It’s an attitude.  An unwavering confidence that radiates from within.  It ebbs and flows…but there are ways to capture the power of sexy and allow it to manifest into your everyday lifestyle.  What’s the secret? Accessories, of course!  These powerful tools of style and seduction empower you to exhibit the goddess that you are and get your sexy back.  With Father’s Day fast-approaching, don’t be shy.  Give yourself a permission slip to explore, elicit and show off the amazing woman you are and let that inner sex-kitten come out and play.  Here are some sexy accessories that your man can’t resist:

Tease Him With High Heels

Bella by Cape Robbin
Bella $45

Oh, yes! You know this must-have accessory not only makes you feel sexy but look sexy too! There are certain parts of the female body that men love to admire, and our legs are one of them. High heels elongate, accentuate and add definition to our legs, which obviously draws more attention to them.  And according to scientific research, they also make our butt appear 25% more rounded!  So yes, my friend.  Put on some high heels and start feeling yourself, because he sure does. ๐Ÿ˜˜

Romance Him With Lacy Nothings

BlueBella Cap Sleeve Bra $45

There’s nothing quite as feminine as the beautiful and soft touch of lace.  It instantly creates a feminine look that will have him lusting for more.  After all, what man doesn’t won’t mind you getting a little fancy?  Whether it’s a lacy bralette or those trending lacy socks, you’ll have him reading Danielle Steele to you over and over again in your evocative lacy nothing.

Surprise Him With Nipple Accessories

Niptyes by Tyes By Tara
Marie Antoinette Niptyes $20

No, not the scary surprise like jumping out of a cake – the delightful surprise like finding a piece of treasure. Nipple accessories are those sensual surprises that will have him coming back for more.  The Secret Niptyes from the Niptyes Collection, are designed to help fire up your most intimate moments. So why not this Father’s Day, surprise him with sensual and intimate memories that will last forever.

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