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Sex For Shoes?

How to get a guy to take you shopping.

We all know someone, or we are that “someone,” who has a lover that’s around strictly for the money…and the designer shoes.

A man or hell nowadays a woman, that takes care of your fashion needs but sans your feelings. For the sake of this article, I’ll be discussing Sugar Daddies.

A Suga daddy is usually not hubby material (more than likely), he’s already married and/or is much older. Or he could be that famous rapper or baller who’s having fun, nouveau riche, and thoroughly delights himself by engaging in silent barters of sex for designer bags and shoes.

I do recall a rap lyric: “…all she want is some heel money…”

Now that we’ve established what makes a suga daddy…is this a bad thang?

Serious question.

If two consenting adults are getting their sexual and fashion needs met—what’s the problem?

And before you jump through the pages, I hear ya…what about his wife? Gurl, that is an entirely separate issue for another time.

With that in mind, let’s just say Suga Baby and Suga Daddy are both single. And said Suga Daddy is a baller that bounces into town along with his team, and after the game or before (usually not so much, due to an urban legend of sex before games zapping his energy), they hook-up. And by hook-up, I mean: he drops $5000 on a shopping spree and she drops something else.

How to get a man or sugar daddy to take you shopping.

No harm. No foul. No bad calls. No illegal use of he hands. Would you not agree?

The only time a problem could arise, is when she wants Fendi AND her feelings to be reciprocated! And then and only then Houston Astros, do we have a problem.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, silly Suga Baby—these are not the rules of the game.

Here are few things to expect when you indulge in Suga Daddy diversions:

1.      Do know you’re probably not the only shopper (Suga Babies come in convenient snack packs). He keeps a lot of shop girls at the ready.

2.      Spending cash is a turn-on for him as well–he is not without an ego. He loves the thrill of whipping out dem Benjamin’s and the antsy looks of salesclerks hoping to close that big sale. The proverbial ass-kissing. And the looks on fellow shoppers face, as they recognize him and catch a glimpse of receipts that be lookin’ like phone numbers.

3.      He gets to be like Oprah: you get a bag, and you get some shoes, O and you get another bag with matching shoes!

4.      VERY short-lived (usually).

Inasmuch, you don’t go into over-time with your Suga Daddy, if you choose to indulge your sweet tooth, try not to catch feelings; but instead, a sale at Off Saks (amazing prices). And go for cash instead of Jimmy Choo’s. Put it away and invest some of that cash he’s so cavalierly tossing around and use it for a down payment on your education, a home or stocks.

In the end sweetie, play at your own risk.

p.s. the beautiful artwork of a sugar daddy in action, was done by our newest contributing editor Mya Steele . Check her out. As you can see–she’s AMAZING!

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